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The wedding bouquet is the most significant flower at your wedding.

Thus we always put in that additional care and attention to detail in creating such highly fashionable bouquet for you.

Tell us your preferred colour theme and/or flower for your wedding and leave it to us to create your bridal bouquet for you!

Kindly place your order 1 week – 3 days in advance of your desired delivery date.

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Looking for the ideal bridal hand bouquet for your wedding day?

When it comes to ROM Bouquets or Wedding Bouquets, we provide the desired wedding and ROM hand bouquets in Singapore. We are innovative and creative with our designs and packaging – making your bouquet stand out and unique to complement your exquisite white gown!

Whatever you require – whether it is wedding hand bouquets, proposal hand bouquets or some colourful bridal flowers; you can be sure to get your requirements met here, as we offer you wide range of beautiful collections at affordable prices. All of our wedding bouquet or bridal flowers are unique because we design them according to your (bride-to-be) personal preference, using only the freshest flowers available.

In need of an ROM hand bouquet?

If you’re looking for a rustic or classical bouquet look, we will work our best to create your ideal bouquet.

We will provide you with the freshest seasonal blooms that we hand pick personally from our supplies to ensure that your hand bouquet will shine during your rom day. If you need more information about how you can order your rom bouquet, simply place and submit your orders online. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at